Racing based on physics & strategy

The Game

RacewayX is a multi-chain NFT driven strategy racing game with blockchain-powered economy and prize pool redistribution contracts. Features includes:

  • Interactive P2E
  • Farming and Staking
  • Token Supports In-Game Economy
  • Collectible NFTs with UTILITY

A play-to-earn car racing simulation game where players and participants own parts of the game. Players can earn by playing the game or by simply owning parts of the game. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of verifiable owned NFTs.

Cars Rarity Levels

Our Ecosystem

The Cars

Cars are the core asset of the game, they are required to play the game. Players can either buy cars from our Marketplace or from the verified collection at PCS.

All cars will have both properties and will be at the same level on first mint but as the car gains XP, the current rank will move up the rank levels.
This distinction was made to protect the value of higher ranks (prevent dilution by lower ranks gaining XP).
Be first to mint and get lifetime 5% Royalty!

Gas Station

Gas functions as the entrance fee for races and strategy to race on tracks. To enter a race, racers must have the gas level required for the a racetrack if they don't, they need to stop at a Gas Station and buy fuel with RWX Tokens

There are only 20 Gas Stations in the initial Collection of game assets.

Tuneup Garage

Racers must bring their cars to a Tuneup Garage to buy and install upgrades. Tuneup Garage earns a portion of the upgrades purchased at their Garage. Total proceeds from upgrades purchased at all Tuneup Garage will be pooled together and distributed evenly to all Tuneup Garage owners!

There are only 30 Tuneup Garages in the initial Collection of game assets


Token Distribution

The in-game currency would be RacewayX Token (RWX), used for all in-game activities such as Racetrack Gate Fees, Upgrades, Fuel and Rewards!

Token name: RacewayX
Token symbol: RWX
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Token protocol: Initial – Binance Smart Chain, Caduceus, Avax, Polygon & Ethereum (Coming soon)

Seed & Presale : 5.11%
Marketing & Ecosystem : 12%
Liquidity : 20%
Play to Earn : 25%
Staking : 15.89%
Community Incentives : 5%
Bounty Allocation : 3%
Advisors : 6%
Core Team : 8%


Q4 2021


Game Development Roadmap

Q4 2021


Marketing Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2022


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Game Development Roadmap



Marketing Roadmap

Q4 2022


Game Development Roadmap

2022 / 2023


Marketing Roadmap

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